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Writer's Block
Right now I feel empty
I have no clue as of why
Everything is going well
Nothing can stand in my way
Yet my writings have suffered
As if going through hellish fire
Depression gives it no life
Joy does nothing to spark
Why must this beast suffer
A cage animal not fed
Where has the inspiration gone
An elusive creature once found
But now returning from the mystery
It comes, it goes
It gives no warning
I await its return
No matter how long the wait
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S.O.S Chp 5 The Graveyard
The gates of the graveyard opened up  with a loud creaking noise. It was all but quiet except for the sounds of cicadas singing their song of summer and the croaking of frogs from the nearby river. The light of the moon beamed down, striking against the gravestones, their shadows laying on top of the dead they marked. Besides the gate lay the smoldering remains of a human corpse, his uniform and body almost indistinguishable. The sounds of feet ruffled the loose gravel of the trail as five shadowy, feminine figures moved past the gate and smoldering heap of flesh.
"So a voodoo priestess, a succubus, and a demoness all walk into a graveyard..."
"Continue on with that joke, Anna, and you will not only  meet the dead, you shall become one," sneered Roschel, stamping her skull headed staff onto the dirt path.
"Girl, you really need to get a sense of humor." Anna scoffed, continuing ahead.
As the figures moved past the gate one by one, a winged silhouette squatted down b
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Katticlism Front view by artfulvelociraptor Katticlism Front view :iconartfulvelociraptor:artfulvelociraptor 2 0 Katticlism by artfulvelociraptor Katticlism :iconartfulvelociraptor:artfulvelociraptor 4 2
Grace opened her eyes. White seemed to be everywhere. Where was she? what had happened? She could hear the sounds of a cheering crowd, but she could not see them. They sounded like they were everywhere, hidden behind the wall of white that covered everywhere. She continued to searched, her body moving in circles as she heard a loud voice boomed over the crowd.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is your Main event this evening!"
Grace blinked. She looked about, seeing four silver metal post around her. Each one of the post were connected with three blue colored ropes running around, forming a square. And in the right hand corner, she stood, trapped. She shook her head. She looked down, seeing that she was dressed in her old ring gear, a white sports bra and a pair of white pants with a black line running down them, the letters "HA" inside a halo with gray feathery wings jutting out of it. No it can't! What am I doing back here? Her mind raced as the jeering crowd began to come
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S.O.S Chp 3 The Influx
The dark, dank cave echoed with drops of water mixed with oncoming footsteps. The stalactites seem to form pillars along the sides as they reached down, meeting their stalagmite partners. Cold winds howled along the long winding corridor like tunnel as a lone figure slowly walked along, move closer to the arcane wooden door, lit by two massive torches on both sides of it.
Shardstorm was not looking forward to what was to come. Her breath blew cold as it mixed in with the heat of torches. It was very hard to breath, making her wonder if she had a broken rib or two. Then again  if that was all that was injured on her after being pressed between a dumpster and a brick wall, she would consider herself lucky.How could she have let the target escape? It was all Anna's fault. If she had not been playing around and had just shot the girl, they would have been back and she would not be injured, and Anna would not be in the cave that was the infirmary. She knew Mortanya didn't like exc
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S.O.S Chp 2. The Base
A small glimmer of light peeked through as Roberta eyes began to open. She stretched  her arms and legs before realizing she wasn't in her own bed. She suddenly shot up, the white sheets that had covered her falling to her lap. Eyes wide, she quickly began scanning the room, wondering where she was. What was this place? What happened? Why am I here?
Memories soon began to race through her mind. Her friend murdered, the two women, Shardstorm and Anna, chasing her, the giant woman who saved her. Wait! That was it. She remembered the last words that Grace had said as she had drifted to sleep. Don't use too much sleep powder. They had drugged her. How could they, and more importantly why did they.
Her emerald eyes slowly began to survey the room. It was dimly lit, but she could make out a blood red couch to her left, a matching loveseat  at the end of the bed. To her right looked like some sort of monitor,  similar to one used to watch heartbeats. Strangely en
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S.O.S Chp 1 The Target
"Run!" Her mind continued to say that over and over.
"Don't worry about your hair getting in your face! Don't worry about costume getting ripped! Just run or they will kill you too!!"
Tears streamed down her face, thinking of what they did to Milenna! How could they just shoot her! All they were trying to do was go home after a fun day at the anime convention and now her best friend dead and she was running for her life. Why? Why was this happening?
Her long blond hair swish ion front of her face as she bounded away, her blue top hat somehow staying on in her flight as she looked back seeing if they were still following her. She quickly rounded a corner, not knowing how close they were.
Suddenly she was jolted off her feet, falling hard on the pavement. Dazed, she looked up seeing a wall of a dead end. She frantically searched for another ay out, eyes scanning every inch of her brick prison.
To her left nothing  but garbage cans and and a blue, beat up dumpster. To her right,
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Depression's art
Depression is what fuels my art
Happiness being a small cute caterpillar
Dining greedily on that lovely emotion
Not caring how it is achieved
One day anger comes to encompass it
Swallowing up the small gluttonous bug
Concealing happiness into a ugly vile bump
Laying helplessly squirming in anguish
As anger slips into depressions lap
Feelings inside dissolve and reform silently
Watching the ugly cocoon burst forth
Violently cracking open with pen's triumph
From this foul lump emerges the sweet product of it all
The beautiful butterfly of the sonnet
of the haiku, the limerick and the free verse
Shaking the bloody stains left from anger from its glorious wings
Flapping them quickly to spread them eager to take off
I watch as it lifts off and flutters,cracking a smile
Feeling the familiar feeling return as it flits away
Another caterpillar marches into its place
Feeding greedily once again on the emotion
That so long ago left my heart
Returned once again thank to depressions art
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Love, A vampires view
Blood the life force, the source of lively-hood
carried among those we so desperately need
Give to Us willing,We silently plead
the rich warm liquid that flows through your veins
Give so we may grow, give so we may thrive
Let Us be the Rose, you be our sweet rain
cascade you gift upon us as we drink it desperately
Holding you close in our loving embrace
feeling your heart race you breathing ragged
as you give to us freely upon Our savage need
we return your gift with one of Our own
making you feel so euphoric, so aroused
Remember we live together no matter what is said
we need each other to survive the cruel world  
You with me, My Love
and I with you, My sweet sweet One
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Strength of Friends
What makes people brave
is it the fact they laugh in the face of danger
Is it how smooth and calm they seem when the pressure is on
No for look into every brave soul
there is actually more fear running through their veins
But it doesn't phase them they do not let it rule them
They stand proud weather alone or with the truest friends backing them up
Always there to lend a hand or a kind word
or ear to urge their friend on
To our dearest friend We stand here ready to aid
Be it moral, be it spiritual, be it come what may
We stand tall with You as You make your way
Down the path ragged and rough
Every step more trying than the next
Hear our voices, here our cries
urging You on toward the goal so far away
the goal now not seeming so far
Our hands on Your back pushing You forward
Let Us be Your strength When You cannot
Let Us guide You when You cannot see
And help You as You fight Your way to victory
fight and obtain what You seek
and in end turn to Us, so We may be rewarded
by Your triumph,
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The Sirens Call
Listen closely to the Siren's call
Listen well and prepare for your fall
Listen to them sing from upon the reef
Drawing those in to their destiny beneath
Answer if you will, answer if you dare
Come to us and view our skin so bare
Let your strong arms embrace us tight
Come good man please do not fight
Enjoy us please come listen to our sound
So your ultimate pleasure may be found
All know the tale of these lovely girls
Beauty so bright they make mens heads whirl
And all know the tragedy that could befall
So do you risk answering the siren's call
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after a few months away from writing I have returned. guess I needed a little time off to get the story really rolling . It now seems clearer than ever so be expecting the next chapter soon :D



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
working on becoming a great writer, many say I have talent, and I have procrastinated too long so figured might as well try and see what I can do and get feedback were I can


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